padded black medical case holds a bag of blood with tubes running to a tight cluster of oyster mushrooms

LYLEX brings you a new vitality with their blood-infused fungal compounds. This DIY kit, featuring oyster mushroom spawn grown using the blood of specially-selected persons undergoing hormonal modulation treatments, will allow you to harvest an infused medicinal compound providing anti-aging, sexual enhancing, and emotion-augmenting effects. The LYLEX Kit is one of the many products LYLEX offers at multiple points in the production cycle of the infused fungus. Please also consider LYLEX pill and LYLEX powder for their additional supplementary effects. 

We pride ourselves on our proprietary method of selecting blood donors for our medicinal compounds and kits. All blood donors comply with a rigorously-maintained dosing of estradiol treatments and are committed to ensuring a positive experience with their blood in your wellness journey. 


Feminist Center for Creative Work presents PHILTH HAUS: LYLEX 1.0, an Artist In Residence exhibit in Los Angeles from June 4–August 19, 2022. This show develops oyster mushrooms in sculptural encasements, fed with the blood from an anonymous body of a transgender person undergoing hormonal and dietary modulation therapies. Expounding on themes of exploitative globalization, wealth inequality, new age therapies— and the inherent privileging of certain bodily forms and functions over others— these modified mushrooms are transformed into pills and powders, with branded jewelry and apparel available for sale throughout the exhibition.